Makes me glad I work from home....

Portland had a big (for here) snowstorm on Tuesday. This is video footage of cars sliding around on an icy Portland street:

another icy one for the city of roses

Hello David, this footage that you captured was incredible. Reminds me of a horrific ice storm that blew through Portland in 1988. I missed a week of school and everything just stopped....the whole city stopped!

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Re: another icy one for the city of roses

We certainly aren't prepared for big snowstorms... which might seem tame for more wintery climes. There's lots of discussion in the newspapers presently about how the city can better cope with it, but the consensus seems to be that it isn't worth investing lots of money in equipment, since such storms are so infrequent. I tend to agree. Small investments in snowplow blades that can be attached to existing trucks seems much more sensible. And lessons learned last time, like running MAX (the light rail trails) around the clock to keep the ice off did pay off.

To clarify, I didn't capture it, I just linked to the YouTube movie of it.

re:re: another icy one...

David, i agree completely. Are you a native Oregonian?

Do you remember that storm of 1988?

all best, bundle up.

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Re: another icy one...

No, I was born in New Zealand. My wife and I moved to Portland, Oregon in April 2001. She was born in the US, and moved to NZ for 7 years before we moved to the US. (I'm now a US citizen, too, and love it here.) We chose Portland as it's a great city, with a pleasant climate (usually!), plus we have friends here.

another icy one...

Gotcha. Congrats on becoming a US citizen and living in the best city in the U.S. ain't a bad deal either. LOL
I haven't ventured into Oceania though it's at the top of my list. Have several friends here (I'm in Tokyo) who are from Australia or NZ and from what i've seen and heard, it looks like it would suit an Oregon boy like myself just fine. Very enjoyable chatting like this. Be well.

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Re: another icy one...

Yes, Auckland in NZ was much like Portland in size and climate - though temperatures are a bit milder there (not as hot in summer, not as cold in winter), being surrounded by water. Auckland is on a narrow isthmus between two oceans.