Tweet tweet tweet

You may have heard of this little thing called Twitter on the intertubes. It's a site where people can post short (140 characters or less) updates on what they're doing, which can be viewed on the web, cellphones, etc. People can "follow" others they're interested in, and others can follow what you're up to. You know, one of those social networking thingies.

I've resisted the siren song of Twitter for quite a while, since I've been somewhat dubious about the value of such short updates, but it does seem quite popular, so I've finally given in. I've enjoyed reading about events in the lives of other Mac developers and Mac bloggers, and it's been useful to get a feel for the C4[1] conference last weekend, which I wasn't able to attend, unfortunately.

You can now see what I'm up to via my Twitter page. We'll see how it goes.