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Sponsoring Daring Fireball with Mac indie deals

A couple of months ago, Keith Alperin of Helium Foot Software had a good idea: gather a few small independent Mac developers together to sponsor Daring Fireball for a week. He asked for other indies who were interested in participating. I am a DF member and daily reader, and have a great deal of respect for John Gruber, so I jumped at this. It's a great opportunity for me to further support Daring Fireball, and of course leverage its popularity to introduce more people to my products.

We have set up a special site, Mac Indie Deals, as a portal to the four participating developers: Dejal (me), Decimus Software, Xeric Design, and Helium Foot Software. We are each offering special discounts off our products for this week only, using the coupon "DF08".

So, welcome Daring Fireball readers! Check out the Dejal Products page for a summary of the Mac software available from Dejal. Feel free to download and try any or all, and use the "DF08" coupon to get great discounts... but be quick!

If you're not a Daring Fireball reader yet, I highly recommend it. John covers all sorts of Mac-related topics, with insightful commentary on the issues of the day. A must-read.