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Updated website design

Over the last couple of weeks I've been tweaking the Dejal website design. Nothing too radical, but some visible changes, and a number of behind-the-scenes changes too. The redesign is now live.

The most visible change is the page header: it no longer has the app icons. Instead, it has new Mac and iPhone items, which lead to pages of those products. The header also looks more modern than it did.

The reason for moving the product icons out of the header was simply that it was running out of space. I recently released my first iPhone app, SmileDial, and will be releasing more new apps this year.

The apps aren't gone completely, though: I've added them to two boxes in the sidebar, one for Mac apps and the other for iPhone apps. The Mac box includes an item for my free stuff, too.

On the product pages, I've made several more changes. The product icon, name and slogan are now displayed above the body content, and the submenu of product pages is drawn differently. Plus the buy/download links in the sidebar are drawn differently, with boxes for beta and older versions as well as the current general release, where appropriate.

I'm still tweaking a few aspects of the site design, but it's mostly done. If you notice any broken links, overlapping or incorrectly sized blocks, or other things that don't look right, please let me know.