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Apple, please support iPhone trial apps

iPhone App StoreThe new in-app purchasing feature in iPhone OS 3.0, as discussed in the keynote, promises to be a great addition. But it seems one of the most popular uses of this feature has been deliberately blocked: a shareware-like trial model.

They said in the keynote that "free apps will always be free"... which sounds good on the surface, but eliminates one of the most popular software distribution models.

It would be great if users could download an app for free, try it for a while to evaluate (perhaps with feature restrictions or a time limit), then use in-app purchasing to buy the full edition.

Apple and developers would still get paid, but users would be able to better evaluate whether or not they want to purchase the product. With high quality products, that would lead to more overall sales — and people would vote with their dollars to encourage quality apps.

Without such a mechanism, the only way to let users try a product before buying is to release two editions, e.g. a free Lite edition and a paid Pro edition. While that has some merit in itself, it adds additional hassles for the users (e.g. transferring data between the two apps, since each app sandboxes its own data) and having to find the Pro edition, buy and download it, re-configure it, and probably delete the Lite edition.

With in-app purchasing available, there should be no technical barrier to allowing free trial apps that can be purchased after trying them out.

Developers, if you want this option, please tell Apple — file a bug report duplicating mine, rdar://problem/6699761 (this link only works for Apple employees).