Panic sale!

It may seem strange for a software developer to recommend buying from another developer... but that's what I'm doing now.

Panic Inc is a fellow Portland-based Mac software development company, albeit a larger one, run by a couple of great guys and their talented staff. They produce some great apps, including Coda, a highly-recommended single-window HTML and CSS editor app, which I use to edit the Dejal site. Plus Transmit, a handy FTP tool, which I also use regularly to manage my site. Along with Unison, a usenet reader, and CandyBar, an icon management tool.

From now until the end of May 29, they are having a great sale: 50% off all of their products. So if you're in the market for one of their apps, I urge you to check out their sale page and take advantage of this great discount.

Visit the Panic Half Price Sale page.

And no, they haven't asked me to promote their sale — I'm just a fan of their products, and want to help spread the word.

Edit: A great promo video (via Cabel, Panic's CEO):

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Cool clip

What a fun clip, thank you, David. :-)