As you may have noticed, I'm fascinated with multi-touch interfaces. I just saw an interesting concept that proposes a desktop-based multi-touch system that avoids the need for touching a screen directly (which has issues of fingerprints, muscle strain, and obscuring the view), plus an interesting desktop usage metaphor.

I'm not entirely sold on it, but it definitely has some potential. I'm really not sure how well the proposed windowing system would scale — I currently have 23 windows open between all my apps, and often have more; their system of scrolling through them could be cumbersome, though the zooming out overview might be okay.

They also seem to reserve most multi-touch gestures for managing the windows, which could limit what apps can do with them.

Anyway, check it out; it's a fascinating concept, and a good description of some potential issues with more conventional approaches:

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.