Caboodle 1.3.4 released

Caboodle, my lean clean snippet machine, has been updated to version 1.3.4. This has a number of improvements... and perhaps should have been called version 1.4, as it straddles the fine line between feature enhancements and bug fixes. This is a recommended update for everybody.

  • To improve performance and reduce disk space, imported PDFs, files dragged to the Dock icon, or via the Save PDF to Caboodle print option are now copied to an Attachments folder within the Caboodle data folder, and aliased to the entries. This can be disabled via a hidden preference, by entering "defaults write com.dejal.caboodle ImportAsAlias NO" in Terminal, if destired.
  • The entry icons for files dragged to the Dock icon and saved to Caboodle are now set to those files' icons.
  • Fixed an issue where entries added by those means could be lost if Caboodle was quit without making further changes.
  • Find text operations, e.g. Find Next (Cmd-G), Find Previous (Cmd-Shift-G), now work when the entries list is the active control; the entry text is made active then the operation performed.
  • Removed ancient code to move pre-1.0 data, since nobody could still be using those versions.
  • Improved the data loading to reduce the risk of using empty data if the existing data can't be loaded.
  • Now includes a 512x512 application icon.

Download Caboodle 1.3.4 now!