There's no place like home

As a followup to a post of a few months ago, "I'm an introvert, and I'm okay", I thought I'd talk about my work situation.

I work from home, and I like it. A lot.

I run Dejal from my home office:

(Click to embiggen)

There are of course the obvious commuting advantages: literally just a few steps to get to work; no wasted hours sitting in a car or other transport; no costs of said transport, eating out for lunch and similar expenses. And I can claim home office expenses. It is also very handy to always be home when service people arrive, or I need to sign for deliveries, etc.

This is not a lifestyle for everyone, though. Going back to that previous post, extroverts would find it draining to be working alone, hardly ever needing to leave the house. I know that many people who can work from home choose to instead work at a coffee shop or rent an office space, for the social interaction. But for me, I thrive on alone time, and have no problem with not leaving the house for days.

Not that I'm really alone most of the time. My wife, Jennifer, also works from home almost every weekday. She works for a big corporation, and has a cubicle at the office, but is able to telecommute, and most days does so. Fortunately, she is also an introvert, and we each have our own home offices.

For those that can swing it, by way of vocation and temperament, there's no place like home.