TrialPay Store

A few weeks ago I added a new payment processor to my site: TrialPay, which I mentioned in a previous blog post.

It's a great deal for my customers, as they can get automatic discounts when buying more than one app at the same time, or by try a third-party product that they might have been interested in anyway. And it's a great deal for me, as the discount offers cover the cost of the payment processing, so I get 100% of the money my customers pay for my apps, instead of losing a few percent to the payment processor.

I've been very satisfied with the service. When I first set it up, my contact at the company was extraordinarily helpful, with prompt replies to my queries, and doing much of the setup work for me, or providing plenty of info on the steps I had to do. I was quite impressed.

So I'd like to recommend their service to other Mac developers. It's a great way to offer quick-and-easy payment processing that gives your customers a great deal.

Here's my referral link. If you use this to sign up as a TrialPay merchant, I'll get a $500 referral bonus, and you'll get a $250 Amazon gift card by way of thanks. More details on their site.

TrialPay Referral Program