Simon 2.6 sneak peek now available

As discussed in my previous blog post, Simon version 2.6 is coming along nicely.

I am now ready to let a few brave souls try it. See that previous blog post for a list of the changes in this version.

If you'd like to start using an alpha release of Simon 2.6, and help me test the new filter feature and other changes, please contact me, and I'll give you the sooper sekret download URL for this version. Note: only licensed Simon customers can run alpha releases.

Although I've tested it, and it seems bug-free based on my testing, there may be bugs that I haven't found. So I want to limit the number of people using it for now. Once it's had some successful alpha testing, I'll open it up to more people, and once it's feature-complete, I'll do public beta releases.

I'll ask alpha testers to take an extra precaution: you should make a copy of your Simon data (located at "~/Library/Application Support/Dejal/Simon", where "~" means your home folder), just in case. If you want to revert back to version 2.5.7, the data should remain compatible, though any filter changes won't be reflected in that version.

The current Simon 2.6 alpha comes with two filters by default: "Block" and "Change". Both use the "Block" filter plugin; the difference is simply that "Block" includes the Start and End fields in the Edit Test window, like Smart Change Detection, and "Change" doesn't. Both will detect a change.

When you upgrade, existing Smart Change Detection settings should be automatically converted to the corresponding filter settings. Tests with change detection disabled will have no filter; tests with change detection enabled but blank fields will have one "Change" filter; tests with Start and/or End text entered will have one "Block" filter.

No Script-based filters or other filter plugins are included in this release, but they will be added in future updates. I'd really appreciate it if you wanted to write some Script-based filters that I could bundle with the app.

I hope that the alpha testers will try the various new features of Simon 2.6, and let me know of any problems or areas for improvement.

If you're a licensed Simon user and want to try Simon 2.6, please contact me for the download URL.