Simon 2.6 sneak peek update: Activity log

As mentioned in my Simon 2.6 progress report a few days ago, this version includes another big change.

In prior versions, the Simon Monitor window included a Notifications log, which listed when notifiers are used. This is quite useful, but could be more useful by listing other interesting things.

I've been thinking about adding more logging for quite a while, but the new filter feature really brought home for me the need for it, since I wanted some way to see what each filter is outputting. Especially useful for filters using powerful regular expressions and such.

So version 2.6 now replaces the Notifications log with a more comprehensive Activity log. It still lists notifications, but now also lists several other kinds of actions on tests. For example, it lists when a test is edited, paused, offline, started checking, stopped or completed. Plus it lists the output and status of the service and each filter.

The report variables have also been updated to reflect the new Activity log. The old variables will continue to work, but there is now an Activity block, and new Type, Status and Details variables.

Here's a screenshot of the log area of the Simon Monitor window, showing the new Activity log. In the top five lines, you can see Simon starting checking the "Filter test 2" test, the status and output of the Web service, the output of the two filters, and the successful completion of the test:

(Click to embiggen)

Want to try it yourself? Just ask!