Simon 3.0b2 released

Another day, another Simon 3 blog post! (You can catch up on older Simon posts via this link, if desired.)

Today I'm releasing a second beta of Simon 3: version 3.0b2. This just has a few fixes and tweaks, including:

  • Added the ability to specify whether to view help in the Apple Help Viewer or your web browser: a simple selection in the Help menu.
  • The new help book is not compatible with Leopard, so web browser viewing is the only option on that OS version.
  • Fixed some minor typos in Simon and the help.
  • The version 3 licenses are now available for purchase via the Licenses window (still not required, though).
  • Minor adjustments to the license editor page.
  • Tweaked the default services data.

Download Simon 3.0b2 now!

Remember, the discounted prices will only remain for another few days, so buy now to save!

And again, if you bought Simon from September 1, 2010, you're eligible for a free upgrade. Contact me to request your free upgrade.