Dejal year in review: 2010

The year 2010 saw some big changes at Dejal, including the release of Tweeps for iPhone and iPad, sale of my first app to another company, and a major upgrade of my flagship Mac app:

I spent the first half of 2010 working on Tweeps, a free app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to easily manage Twitter accounts. It was an interesting experience; I had written two previous apps for iPhones (SmileDial and Valentines), but Tweeps was a much bigger project, and my first iPad app. It includes a lot of handy technology that I'll put to use in future iOS apps.

An interesting thing that occurred in 2010 was the sale of my first Mac OS X app. Narrator, my app to read out stories in multiple voices, was acquired by Mariner Software. That was quite an interesting experience; I'd never sold off an app before. But I still feel it was the best thing for everybody: I wasn't giving Narrator the love it deserved, and it's a great fit with Mariner's other apps. Based on that experience, I'll definitely consider offers on other of my apps, when appropriate.

Once I released a few bug-fix updates of my various Mac apps, I got to work on a major upgrade of Simon, my flagship product to monitor websites and servers for changes and failures. After five months of development, version 3.0 was released in November. The first major upgrade in five years, it included many great enhancements, especially powerful new filter features.

Caboodle, my lean clean snippet machine, only got a couple of bug fix releases (to version 1.3.6) in 2010. I had been hoping to do the 1.4 release at the end of 2010, but ran out of time. That may come in early 2011, or I may push it out till later in the year.

Similarly, BlogAssist, my tool to help with HTML markup, also only had two bug fix releases (to version 2.2.5) in 2010. It is a lower priority than my other Mac apps, since it is basically feature-complete now, though I do have a number of ideas for improvements, so hope to get an update out later in 2011.

My handy break reminder tool, Time Out, remains one of my most popular products, and it saw an update to version 1.5.6 in 2010. Version 2.0 has been in the works for a few years now, but it got postponed by Tweeps and Simon updates. It remains an important and exciting update, though, so I'm really looking forward to it. It is my top priority for 2011. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. And as previously mentioned, everyone who makes a donation for Time Out now will be automatically eligible for the full-featured paid edition at no additional cost — so you can set your own price for it now! This offer expires when version 2 is released. Thank you to everyone who has already donated; the volume of donations is really encouraging.

So what's coming up in 2011? As indicated, the main focus will be Time Out 2. I also plan to do smaller, more frequent updates to Simon 3. The initial Simon updates will concentrate on features that will also be leveraged by Time Out 2 — it may not seem it, but they have a lot in common (e.g. scheduling, plugin usage, and behind-the-scenes things like app structure and data organization).

2011 also marks the 20 year anniversary of Dejal (in September). I'm looking forward to celebrating that remarkable milestone!