Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake relief

As you may have heard, the city of Christchurch in New Zealand had another major earthquake a couple of days ago, having suffered a big one late last year.

This quake (or series of quakes) has done a huge amount of damage, both to homes and major landmarks like the cathedral. Hundreds of people are still missing, and at least 75 123 were killed, with the toll still climbing.

Here's an interesting visualization of the two big quakes and hundreds of others in the region.

Looking at some of the photos really brings home the tragedy, for example this slideshow of before and after photos.

I won't repeat all the news about it; for details, see CNN's coverage, the New Zealand Herald's coverage, and others.

As many of you know, I was born in New Zealand, and lived there until 2001. Although I don't have any friends or family in Christchurch, I know people who do. I feel that I really want to do something to help the relief efforts.

So, I'm announcing that for the rest of this week (i.e. from now till midnight PST on Sunday Feb 27), I will donate 100% of the proceeds from Dejal Mac app sales to the New Zealand Red Cross, to help fund their relief efforts.

Update: Extended for another week! I've now joined with other Kiwi Mac and iOS developers who are also donating 100% of their income to the NZ Red Cross. So now I'm donating my Mac income till March 5.

If you're at all interested in any of my products, now is the time to buy. Your money will help those suffering from this disaster.

Buy from the Dejal Store.

And if you don't need any of my apps, I urge you to make a donation to the NZ Red Cross directly.