Time Out 1.6 released

I'm pleased to announce the general release of Time Out 1.6, my free break reminder tool.

This release is much the same as the previous beta release, though has some minor fixes. It is a recommended update for everyone, except those still on Tiger (which is no longer supported). It remains completely free, too!

Here are the full release notes:

  • Added a new Exclusions preference page, which is only available on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). It enables you to automatically skip breaks if specified applications are frontmost, e.g. DVD Player, FaceTime, or similar.
  • Added a sub-menu on the Pause Breaks command in the Break menu, to enable pausing for a specified interval. When that interval has elapsed, breaks will automatically resume. Useful when you don't want to be interrupted for a while.
  • On first launch (or first in a while), Time Out now displays the Preferences window, to make it more obvious how to configure the breaks.
  • Added a Licenses window in the standard edition, so people who have donated for version 2 can enter their license now. Time Out 1 remains freeware; you're welcome to continue using it forever at no cost.
  • Moved the break display into a helper agent, so it works for Lion's full-screen apps.
  • Plus other fixes for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) compatibility.
  • The standard edition of Time Out now requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
  • Many other behind-the-scenes improvements made possible by dropping Tiger support.
  • Note: this version (and any 1.6.x bug fix releases) will be the last to support PowerPC (PPC) and Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 (Leopard and Snow Leopard). Version 2.0 will require a 64-bit Intel-based Mac and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later.

Download Time Out 1.6 now!

Time Out Free on the Mac App Store will be updated once Apple has reviewed it.

Re: Time Out 1.6 released

Awesome news, but...

There's still so many of us that love your app running on Snow Leopard. Gonna be a while till we're all upgraded to Lion. I think I can safely state we would all so love the feature that breaks would be disabled while DVD Player was running. I'm sure Lion made this easier than Snow Leopard but I hope you will consider building in the feature for us 10.6x folks. Thanks!!!

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Re: Time Out 1.6 released

Yes, it leveraged Lion technology, which is why it's only available on Lion.

Time Out 2 will require Lion, and this feature was originally one that was going to be in version 2, but I brought it back to version 1.6 as a bonus.

I'll think about changing it to work on Snowy, if there's sufficient demand, but no promises; I'd rather spend my time working on the great new features in version 2.