Time Out 1.6.2 released

Here's another update of Time Out, to version 1.6.2.

This update includes some improvements to the way Time Out handles the timers when the Mac is briefly idle, plus some script tweaks:

  • The break timers are now reset when idle for the specified interval, even while still idle (it used to only reset when no longer idle).
  • Breaks can now occur when idle, to avoid missing breaks when the computer is left alone for a few minutes, but less than the reset interval.
  • Updated the Start Speech Automator workflow, and added a Speak Time script that does just that.

This is a recommended update for everyone. And it's completely free!

Download Time Out 1.6.2 now!

Kerry Gray - DAT's picture

Re: Time Out 1.6.2 released

Just paid $80 for a physio assessment on my shoulder. "It's not too bad yet, but you need to take frequent breaks to stretch." I know, but I forget.
I had a frozen shoulder once before and it took 7 months of physio to repair - not going to end up like that again.
Time Out has been on my computer for an hour and I already know it's going to work for me. It just gets straight to the point - time out. Perfect. Thanks.
- totally customisable, I set my pace
- I'm in control, I can override the reminder
- the transparency setting understands my inner rebel
- it's the right kind of intrusive - quiet, no message, no alarm.

David Sinclair's picture

Re: Time Out 1.6.2 released

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

Time Out 2 is coming in a few months (yes, really!), and will be even better, while still retaining the simplicity and flexibility of version 1.