Time Out 1.6.3 released

Just a small update of Time Out, my free break tool. A few people had difficulty with the idle detection, so this version attempts to address that. If the idle interval returned by the OS seems invalid, it tries a similar but different approach to get a more sensible value.

I hope that this fixes the issue, but didn't get any feedback from the beta posted in that thread, so we'll see. If you don't get breaks due to Time Out still resetting them with this version, please contact me so I can work with you to figure this out.

If Time Out is working fine for you, you can skip this update if you wish.

Download Time Out 1.6.3 now!

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Re: Time Out 1.6.3 released

Are you planning to have an overlay to the Dock icon to inform the user how many minutes before the next break? That'd be useful, for example, if a colleague comes to my office, and I say: look, over 10' I can talk. Right now I have no idea of when the next break will come.

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Re: Time Out 1.6.3 released

Time Out 2 will feature a system menu with a countdown to the next break. It may include a Dock icon overlay too, though another feature will be that you won't need to keep it running in the Dock.