My home office, revisited

Two years ago I posted about my home office. It has changed somewhat, so I thought it was time to do an update, for those interested in the place Dejal apps are crafted.

The biggest change is that I now have a GeekDesk adjustable-height desk. It's a bit of a hybrid: the frame is the GeekDesk Max Large Frame, with an IKEA Galant desktop and IKEA Galant cable organizer.

Here's a movie of the desk going from sitting to standing position (sorry it's a bit shaky). Click to play:

Movie screenshot

Here's a photo of the desk in the sitting position. You can also see that I've switched to a 27" iMac instead of MacBook Pro as my primary computer:

Here's the desk in the standing position. I usually spend a few hours each day standing; often around the middle of the day. (One of our cats, Pippin, makes a cameo.)

I can change from sitting to standing or vice versa at the touch of a button, thanks to the GeekDesk controller. It includes up to four height presets, plus the height can be changed arbitrarily if desired:

One innovative idea I had was to drill a hole for a cable grommet in the middle of the desk (not far behind the keyboard). This way, I can have the keyboard cable, iPhone cable, and power for my Bluetooth headphones all right where I need them, without ugly cables draped across my desk:

Here's the underside of the desk, showing the grommet hole, GeskDesk brains, and IKEA cable organizer:

Off to the right under the desk, you can see a nice tidy conduit for the cables from the desk, via the Monster Cable-It wire management system:

While standing, I use a Sublime Imprint Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat to avoid getting too sore feet:

I still use the planner strip above my desk:

Behind me, I have a second desk with my old G5 tower and MacBook Pro. (Another cat, Padmé, makes an appearance.)

I hope you found this interesting. Let me know if you have any questions or want any more details about anything.