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Dejal year in review: 2013

Happy New Year!

It's been a fairly quiet year for Dejal apps. Let's review what happened in 2013:

My flagship product to monitor websites and servers for changes and failures, Simon, was updated to version 3.5.1 in 2013, with the next update, 3.6, currently in beta testing (at 3.6b3). 3.5 included a re-architecting of the Web plugin and lots of other improvements, while 3.6 includes new History and Notification Center plugins, and a rewritten Twitter plugin, among other changes. 3.6 should be in general release later this month.
My handy break reminder tool, Time Out, didn't get any updates in 2013, despite my plan to have version 2.0 out last year. Work on Profile (and to a lesser extent other projects) pushed back development. But I'm pleased to announce that I'm actively working on Time Out 2 currently, and hope to have an alpha for a few select licensed users to try very soon. As previously mentioned, everyone who makes a donation for Time Out now will be automatically eligible for the full-featured paid edition at no additional cost — so you can set your own price for it now! This offer expires when version 2 is released. This also makes you eligible for the alpha; tell me if you're interested. Thank you to everyone who has already donated; the volume of donations is really encouraging.
Caboodle, my lean clean snippet machine, was updated to version 1.5 in 2013, including many changes for Mountain Lion and Mavericks compatibility. I've started work on another update too, though it's currently on hold until I finish Time Out 2 and more Profile work, so won't see the light of day till later in the year.
BlogAssist, my tool to help with HTML markup, wasn't updated in 2013. It had an update to version 2.4 in 2012, and doesn't need any further changes for now. I have some ideas for improvements, but again they'll wait their turn for higher priority projects.
Tweeps, an app for iOS to easily manage Twitter accounts, was updated to version 3.2, including support for Twitter's latest API changes and more.
Profile, a client for Intrahealth's powerful medical practice management system, is where I spent the vast majority of my time in 2013, as contract work. The latest public release is version 2.2.7, but version 2.3 with major improvements is in development.

So what's coming up in 2014? Firstly, as I said, Simon 3.6 will be in general release soon. But my top priority is Time Out 2.0. For realz this time. I will still spend at least half my time on Profile 2.3 and beyond, too. Once Time Out 2 is out, there will no doubt be iterations of improvements on that, and more Simon, Caboodle and BlogAssist updates.

Thank you and welcome to my new customers, and many thanks to my long-term customers who are still enjoying my apps. I really appreciate your support. I'm very excited about the much-anticipated Time Out 2 release this year, and other projects in the pipeline.