Simon 3.6 released

Announcing the general release of Simon 3.6!

This release includes new Notification Center and History plug-ins, a rewritten Twitter plug-in, several report enhancements, and other improvements:

  • Added a new Notification Center notifier plug-in, that displays a notification in OS X's Notification Center, with various click action options. (Note, it is only available on OS X 10.8 and later.)
  • Added a Notification Center default notifier use the new Notification Center plug-in. By default, clicking the notification will select the test in Simon.
  • Added a new History filter plug-in, that keeps track of the input text that it has seen, and can set a result if the text is or isn't unique in that history.
  • Added a Change Only If Unique default filter to result in a Change if the input text has never been seen before by this filter, or Unchanged if it has.
  • Added a History Always Repeats default filter to result in a Failure if the input text hasn't been seen before, or Unchanged if it has. It's easy to add additional variations if you need them.
  • Rewrote the Twitter notifier plug-in to work with the latest Twitter API. It now uses the Internet Accounts from System Preferences, so you don't need to enter your Twitter credentials in Simon. (Note, it is only available on OS X 10.8 and later.)
  • Removed the Twitter service plug-in, since it would have taken a lot of work to rewrite, and feedback indicates that pretty much nobody uses it. If you do, please contact me.
  • Added a Twitter Update default notifier that tweets using the first account alphabetically. It can be edited to specify a different account.
  • When creating an E-mail notifier, now uses the displayed default Subject text if you don't edit the field (previously had an error if the field was never touched).
  • Added a MySQL default service that uses the MySQL plug-in, to make it easier to use this existing feature.
  • Added support for escaping braces (curly brackets) and square brackets in report templates, so they are output in the report instead of being interpreted as Simon variables or blocks.
  • Added support for custom date/time formats in report templates. For example, could use NextCheck format="yyyy-MM-dd 'at' HH:mm:ss".
  • Updated the Variable Test report template to include the LastChangeTextWithHTML and LastChangeTextWithoutHTML variables, and mention escaping braces and brackets.
  • Fixed an issue with the Other... option for the Save Locally report kind.
  • Now considers the check frequencies for successes and failures when calculating the Up Time percentages, to make them more accurate.
  • Updated the help book and online help.
  • Rebuilt for Mavericks using Xcode 5.
  • Many changes to improve Mavericks compatibility.

Download Simon 3.6 now!