AccountsDemo: a hacky solution to the "Setting TCC failed" error accessing Twitter accounts

I recently blogged about some critical bugs in OS X that Apple hasn't fixed, including getting a "Setting TCC failed" error when trying to access Twitter accounts (and other kinds of accounts).

Again, the problem is that calling -[ACAccountStore requestAccessToAccountsWithType:options:completion:] on OS X 10.11 for a new app will ask the user for permission then always give the error "Setting TCC failed." (Reported as Radar #23114308 for any Apple people reading this.)

While this bug remains, I came across a solution in Apple's developer forums. It's a hack, and probably won't work in sandboxed apps, but does work for non-sandboxed apps.

Basically, if that error is received, we can edit the "~/Library/Accounts/Accounts3.sqlite" database directly via the sqlite3 command line tool.

I've put together an open-source demo app to show this technique, called AccountsDemo.

When the error is detected, it calls a method to send the SQL:

            [self sendSQL:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"insert into ZAUTHORIZATION (Z_ENT, Z_OPT, ZACCOUNTTYPE, ZBUNDLEID, ZGRANTEDPERMISSIONS) values (5, 1, (select Z_PK from ZACCOUNTTYPE where ZIDENTIFIER = ''), '%@', '')", [NSBundle mainBundle].bundleIdentifier] completionHandler:^{
                NSLog(@"Workaround completed");  // log
                [self loadAccounts:sender];

(Sorry Swifties; I wrote the demo project a while ago for my original Radar bug report, so it's in Objective-C.)

The -sendSQL: method simply uses NSTask to execute the sqlite3 command on the database:

- (void)sendSQL:(NSString *)sql completionHandler:(void (^)(void))handler {
    // Based on code from
    NSURL *libraryURL = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] URLForDirectory:NSLibraryDirectory inDomain:NSUserDomainMask appropriateForURL:nil create:YES error:nil];
    NSURL *databaseURL = [libraryURL URLByAppendingPathComponent:@"Accounts/Accounts3.sqlite"];
    NSString *command = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"sqlite3 %@ \"%@\"", databaseURL.path, sql];
    NSTask *task = [NSTask new];
    task.launchPath = @"/bin/sh";
    task.arguments = @[@"-c", command];
    if (handler) {
        task.terminationHandler = ^(NSTask *localTask) {
    [task launch];

The AccountsDemo sample project includes a button to load the Twitter accounts, a checkbox to use the above hack, and a button to remove the app from the accounts database (so you can re-try it). Try clicking the load button with the checkbox unchecked, to confirm that you get the error, then check the box and try loading again, and it should work.

You can get the project via the Dejal GitHub page.