Chicken GIFs heading for the chopping block

Apple has informed me that my Chicken GIFs sticker pack for iMessage will soon be removed from the iMessage App Store, since it hasn't been updated for several years. Since few people have downloaded it, I've decided that it isn't worthwhile to make new GIFs and submit an update, which Apple might reject anyway; it took several appeals to get them to originally approve it.

Chicken GIFs is an iMessage sticker pack, featuring a collection of animated GIFs of chickens. It isn't an app, so it's still fully compatible with iMessage, but Apple has a policy of pruning older stuff from their stores, which totally makes sense. Sticker packs seemed like a fun idea when first introduced, but never really caught on, perhaps in part because Apple never brought them to the Mac.

Once removed from the store, it'll keep working for people who have it, but nobody else will be able to get it. So if you want it, now is your last chance to download Chicken GIFs from the iMessage Store.

I was asking a buk-buk-buck for it, but I have now opened the gate and made it available free-range!

These are my own chickens (Rhode Island Reds and Single Comb Brown Leghorns). They can be lots of fun to watch. For these stickers, I chose excerpts from videos of them that could be fun reaction GIFs.

If you enjoy these GIFs, you can see more of my chickens (and ducks) in my weekly Flock Friday blog posts on my homestead blog.

Chicken GIFs is a standalone sticker pack; it won't clutter up your home screen, but will only appear in Apple's Messages app on iOS. Tap the stickers/apps button to the left of the text field to display the stickers and iMessage apps.

Tap a sticker to insert it in a message, or tap and hold to peel it, and drag it to stick on any message bubble, optionally using two fingers to rotate or resize it as desired.

Sound fun?

Last chance to download Chicken GIFs from the iMessage Store! It's free!