General questions about the company or other topics.

Can I get a refund?

If you have a problem with a Dejal app, please get in touch to get help solving it. I'd rather you were a happy customer!

If it can't be solved, and you purchased directly from Dejal, you can use that contact form to ask for a refund. I want you to be satisfied, so I offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all direct purchases.

For Mac App Store or iOS App Store purchases, unfortunately I can't offer a refund, as you purchased from Apple, not Dejal. They have their own mechanism for refunds; see the Report a Problem page to get started.

Similarly, for purchases via third-party promotions, localizers, or other resellers, you need to contact the seller to ask about their refund policy.

Learn more on the Dejal Guarantees page.

How can I purchase your software? Can I get it from online retailers or stores?

We use a respected and well-known company to handle our secure ordering, to make things as convienent as possible for you. FastSpring can accept payments via credit cards and many other forms.

We sell our software directly to you to save you money -- no margins to retailers means lower prices. Dejal software is only available via our secure online store, backed by our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantees, or you can download FREE trial versions to ensure that you'll find the software useful before paying anything.

Some apps are also available via the Mac App Store or iOS App Store. Where multiple editions exist, you can choose whichever is more convenient for you.

How do I contact Dejal?

There are a number of ways to contact Dejal. See the contact page for details.

How do I pronounce "Dejal", and where did the name come from?

The name "Dejal" is pronouced "DEE-JILL". It is not a French word, so should not be pronounced as "DAY-ZHAL" or other variations.

The name originated from the former initials of the founder of the company, David Sinclair. He used to be David J. Lambert, but both he and his wife changed their surnames to "Sinclair" when they got married, being people who like to make their own conventions. Anyway, back around 1983 he needed a password, so an obvious (if simplistic) choice was something based on his initials. D.J.L. with some vowels to make it pronounceable gave "DeJaL", and thus "Dejal" was created.

Interestingly, it turns out that "dejal" is a word in some other languages. "Dejal" is a Slovene verb, the past participle of the verb "reci", meaning "to say, tell." An example: "He told her that she was beautiful" = "On ji je dejal, da je lepa." ("je dejal" = "told"). Kinda appropriate for a software publisher! It appears that "Dejal" is also a Yugoslavian or Czech name equivalent to "David", which is also fitting given the name of the company founder. If you have any other examples, or corrections, please let us know.

I lost my serial number, how can I find out what it is?

Open the Licenses window in the application. If it has a Licensed Email field, simply enter your name and the email address you used when you purchased, then click Find, and the serial number will be looked up for you. Otherwise, you can email us and we'll be happy to manually find it for you. It would help us if you can tell us approximately when you bought the software (e.g. "late 1998"), but all we need is your name.

Is a Windows version available?

No, we believe that Macintosh is the best computing platform, so we only write software for Macs.

Is my information private? Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. We will never disclose any information about you to third parties. To tell you more about how we treat your information, please refer to our privacy policy.

The FastSpring payment processor use industry-standard SSL secure connections to ensure that third parties cannot "eavesdrop" and steal your credit card number.

Tell me more about these free trial versions of your software.

The free versions of our software are fully working versions. Some of them display a reminder message every time they are run, and some display a message at other times, no more than once per day. They use a use-days concept, where only the actual days you use the product count towards the trial period. After the trial period has expired, some features will be restricted. Once you have purchased the software, you will receive a serial number that you can enter to unlock the software and allow you to use the full version without limitation.

What is "shareware"?

Shareware is a method of distributing software that allows users to try the full version of a product for a period of time before they are required to pay for it.

Shareware publishers encourage users to copy their products and give them to their friends; asking that they pay only if they decide to keep the product past the evaluation period.

Most people realize that it is in their best interest to support a company that is offering quality software at a fraction of the price of commercial software, and thus send in their shareware registration fee.

Ultimately, you decide whether shareware authors will continue to distribute low cost, high quality software as shareware.

What is your upgrade policy?

There are four kinds of release: major releases, minor releases, bug fix releases, and beta releases. Major releases include significant new features, greatly enhancing the product, and are relatively rare - no more than one per year; often less. Minor releases add some new features, but not as significant, but more frequent than major releases. Bug fix releases do not add any new features, but correct problems with existing features. Beta releases include new or changed features for early-adopter users to test, to help us improve the product prior to a general release, i.e. a major, minor or bug fix release.

We may charge a small upgrade fee for major releases, if the amount of work put into it justifies it. However, to help you have the best software available, it is our policy that minor, bug-fix and beta release updates are always free for licensed users.

When will I get my serial number?

Dejal Simon uses serial numbers for licensing. Time Out doesn't require serial numbers, but can restore your purchase via your name and email address.

If you order from within an application, the serial number or purchase will be automatically added for you, and you'll receive an email receipt shortly afterwards.

If you order via our online store, you'll get your serial number soon afterwards in the payment confirmation email - it is completely automatic.