How can I purchase your software? Can I get it from online retailers or stores?

We use two respected and well-known companies to handle our secure order forms, to make things as convienent as possible for you:

The first is called Kagi, who allow you to pay by check (in US dollars), cash (many currencies), and by credit card. You can order products using our secure online store, or by phone.

The other company is PayPal, a service that allows you to conveniently pay for things with many vendors on the Internet, either using your existing PayPal account, or using your credit card. We have a separate store for customers who prefer to use PayPal.

We sell our software directly to you to save you money -- no margins to retailers means lower prices. Dejal software is only available via our secure online store, backed by our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantees, or you can download FREE trial versions to ensure that you'll find the software useful before paying anything.