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Import URL list for Simon to check?

Is there a way to import a list of URLs I want Simon to check?

We use the enterprise version and need to check dozens of sites, and for many the URLs change weekly or monthly.

I'd like to generate a list, say from FileMaker Pro, and import into Simon to append/replace the current list.

Let me know if any of this is possible! Many thanks!


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Re: Import URL list for Simon to check?

Yes: simply use the new Setup Assistant to quickly add several Web (HTTP) tests.

It can import from browser bookmarks or any other similarly formatted file.

That's great ... is there

That's great ... is there also a way to associate notifiers with each imported site? I have five email notifiers for each site I need to check (would rather have one notifier with five email recipients, but that didn't work for us!)

So I'd like each newly-imported site to already be set to kick off the same five notifiers ... any way to do this?

Monsieur Demanding

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Re: That's great...

Not yet. I want to add an "Apply Notifier" feature in the future, though. In the meantime, you need to edit each test individually to add the notifiers. That is pretty easy, though.

You should be able to use five email addresses in a single notifier (especially with the Automatic transport, since I specifically fixed an issue with that in version 2.2). Just separate them with commas.