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I am interested in replacing my current web/email/dns server monitoring solution. I currently ise a combination of PageSentry with a PowerKey Pro device. Does Simon have the ability do a power restart with a device like the PowerKey Pro?

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Re: Reboot

Yes and no: Simon doesn't have direct PowerKey Pro support yet, but it works via AppleScript, and Simon can run AppleScripts (saved as applications) via the Launch notifier, so Simon can restart a PowerKey Pro via that mechanism.

Other reboot options

I've used Whistle Blower as a monitoring tool for many years, and am largely happy with it. WB not only monitors systems, but after a user-defined period of contact failures, WB can be programmed to use the SSH, Telnet or web interface of the APC products to log in and trigger a power reset of individual outlets. Nice for automated resets. However, I've had to move beyond APC Masterswitch 9606/9211 devices to the AP7900 series -- and Whistle Blower development has apparently stopped.

I'll download Simon and check out undocumented features to see what it can do, but I do not see a way to program an 'action' that would allow me to log into the masterswitch admin, trigger an outlet reset, and await results. Am I overlooking anything here?

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Re: Other reboot options

You can use the Launch notifier to start an AppleScript saved as an application, which can do whatever you require.

In the next version of Simon I plan to extend the Script service to a notifier too, which will be even more flexible in what you can do.