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I hate to admit it, but I have to use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection on my Mac to administer a heating/ventilation/air conditioning system at a remote site.

I'd like to use Simon to check to see if the Terminal Service on the remote machine is running - it's a standard Windows service on port 3389; one way to check is to telnet to that port. If a telnet session connects, it is successful; if it fails to connect, that's a failure.

Is there any way to create a new test (using Edit Service...) just to test the connection?



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Re: Remote Desktop

Yes, this is very easy with Simon. Create a new service using the Port service kind, which will connect to the port. You can then issue a command to quit the session, and it's a success.

If you just want to connect without sending anything, you can do that with a Script service. Have it use telnet to connect to the port, then use Smart Change Detection to look for the connection text.

See this page of the Simon FAQ for more info.

Re: Remote Desktop

The 'command' I need to issue to quit the session is '^]'. Is there a convenient way to encode such control characters in either the Port Service or Script service test?

Thanks again,

-- Bruce Jackson

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Re: Remote Desktop

There's no need to do that; you simply let the script end, and it'll disconnect automatically.