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I am fairly new on using Simon.
I uses mainly to monitor a site where limited items are released once a month and to get notify as the date is never the same.

I was wondering if there is a way of scripting the service and adding a function like "add to cart" to make sure I have my item.

Any help on how to do that or to point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciate.

Thank you.


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Re: Add to cart feature

Hmm. In theory that would be possible via a sophisticated Script-based service that fetches the page, looks for changes itself, and submits a form with appropriate values. But it would not be easy. Simon isn't designed to do that, so you wouldn't be able to leverage many Simon features.

In the future I want to enhance the Smart Change Detection feature to perhaps allow using a script to evaluate the changes, which would help. I also plan to allow using a script for a notifier, which would also help.

Sorry I can't be of more help yet.

Many thanks for your

Many thanks for your feedback.
Keep up the good work as it is a brilliant piece of software.