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Duplicating a test doesn't duplicate the pauses


As per the subject, when duplicating a test from the monitor window, the tests 'pauses' do not duplicate.

Not a show stopper, but annoying.


Also... I couldn't post the above to this forum initially because it gave me an error that the body of my forum topic was too short and that I needed at least 25 words.

Now that I've put that in there it shouldn't be a problem ;)

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Re: Duplicating a test doesn't duplicate the pauses

This is a subjective thing. Some people would want the pauses to be duplicated, some people wouldn't. I can change it if desired. Perhaps forum readers could chime in and indicate if they would prefer pauses to be duplicated?

Re the 25 word post limit... yes, that does seem a little excessive for quick questions, so I've lowered it to 10 words.