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How to do continuous change reminder?

I'm new to Simon (just upgraded to standard license!) and Mac in general.

Is there a way to make a continuous reminder if a website changes?

Right now I have it set to play a sound and Growl notifier, but these are activated only ONCE: upon the change.

Ideally I want Simon to continue play that sound after each complete check, UNTIL I manually clear the "changed status" (marked by the yellow dot on the Simon Monitor screen).

Any suggestions?

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Re: How to do continuous change reminder?

There isn't an option to play a sound repeatedly, though you might like to try the "ReallyNoisy" sound on the Simon Extras page, which plays for about a minute.

As for the Growl notifier, you can make the notification "sticky", which will leave it on-screen until you dismiss it - which is pretty much what you want.

You might also like to use the Action notifier, which has an option to keep bouncing Simon's Dock icon until you bring it to the front.

Finally, for a purely visual option, notice that the Dock icon and status menu both display a yellow sunburst when there is a new change (which goes away when you clear all of the yellow dot markers).

Thanks I have done ALL THAT

Thanks I have done ALL THAT (prior to posting the original question), and well to be honest I do want a continuous reminder....

I need a "noise" notification, not visual. If I'm in front of the laptop I can easily tell what's going on. It's the times that I'm off the laptop AND the energy-saving (black screen) is on and I'm watching TV on the other side of the living room.

Well just trying my luck if anyone has created any fancy scripts or something like that...

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Re: Thanks I have done ALL THAT

Yes, an AppleScript would be another way to do it. You could use the Launch notifier to launch an AppleScript saved as an application, which could then display an dialog and play a sound until a button is clicked, or whatever you want.

I will note the idea of repeating the sound directly in Simon, though; it's a good suggestion. Perhaps it could repeat it until Simon is brought to the front, or something.