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How to do unordered lists?

How do you make a list of items and turn them into an unordered list? I thought I could make a list of items, each on a single line, then copy to the clipboard and highlight all rows and choose Unordered List. But this gives me a list with a single Line Item with all my items together, vs. separate list-item tags.

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Re: How to do unordered lists?

At the moment the way to do it is add the (un)ordered list first, then each line item individually (via the List Item operation).

I agree that it would be more intuitive to convert return-or-linefeed-separated lines directly into an (un)ordered list, and this is a feature I plan to add in a future version. I'll add your vote in support of that.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks. I thought that had worked in the previous version of BogAssist, but I'll look forward to it in a future update.

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Re: Thanks

This feature is now implemented in BlogAssist version 2.2.