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Growl notify from one computer to another?

This may be a Growl question, not a Simon Growl Notifier question, but either way if anyone has some thoughts, I'd be grateful!

My setup: Growl installed on two computers; Simon installed on one.

I want to see Growl notifications appear on the computer that is NOT running Simon.

None of the various "obvious" settings in Growl and/or Simon have allowed this to happen.



How about forwarding?

You are correct that the notifier doesn't include any settings for remote notifications. But, I think it should be easy to setup none the less.

The Growl preference panel allows you to setup notification forwarding (at least as of 0.7.6, the version I have installed on my machine) under the "Network" section. Assuming both computers are on the same network, you should be able to setup your Simon notifications to forward to your other machine. I hope this helps, and let us know what your results are.