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Non-linear up/down time

Uptime and downtime appear to be non-linear in Simon. I have a demo site which has been up for 3 days but I've taken it down for an hour and the report is showing an up time of only 78%.

Is it in fact non-linear or does it relate to the number of failed requests? My laptop is often turned off so I can see the number of requests will loose it's relationship with up time. If this is the case then using the term 'up time' is misleading.

Turning out to be a really useful product so far though!


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Re: Non-linear up/down time

Hi Tom,

The "uptime" is the ratio between successful and failed checks. As you point out, if Simon isn't constantly monitoring, and it happens to see a higher proportion of failures, that'd skew the ratio.

Also, Simon gives you the option to specify a different check frequency when the previous check was a success or a failure. So checking more often during failures can also skew the ratio. So if the uptime ratio is important to you, you should make the check frequencies equal.