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Reset times shorter than 1 minute

It would be helpful to have "reset break timer" times that are shorter than a minute, especially for the micro break timer. I take 15 second micro-breaks, so 15 seconds idle in the middle of a period should reset the timer. The (simple) solution is to use a "seconds" slider for the micro-break "reset if idle" option rather than the current "minutes" slider.

I'm hoping this is a very minor code change that could perhaps be done before version 2.

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Re: Reset times shorter than 1 minute

Hmm, I suspect that if it reset the timer whenever the computer were idle for 15 seconds, you'd never get breaks. You may be staring intently at the screen, reading a web page, or thinking of something to write, but not actively typing or clicking, and Time Out would think that the computer is idle.

Regardless, this isn't currently feasible, as Time Out currently polls for idleness once per minute, to avoid slowing down the system (the OS keeps track of idleness).

I will make a note of the request for consideration in Time Out 2, though, since the scheduling and idle detection options will be changing there.

I agree that you wouldn't

I agree that you wouldn't get breaks if you reset the timer at that rate; this is purely for micro-breaks, which are only about 15 seconds long to begin with. Essentially, this would avoid 15 second breaks when I just took one a minute ago (perhaps, as you said, reading a Web page or thinking about what to write).

The 15 second micro-breaks are, for me, a way to ensure that my hands take a break more frequently than every hour. If I'm idle for 15 seconds, that removes the need for a micro-break....

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Fair enough.

Fair enough. I tend to think of breaks as a whole-body thing, including resting the eyes, but different people have different goals,.

As I said, I can't do it now, but I have noted the idea for version 2. In the meantime, you can just set the timer to the minimal interval.