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Hiding Simon on Startup

My Mac isn't turned on at night but I want Simon to automatically run when I boot my machine each morning. Since Simon has notification icons in the menu bar and dock, I don't want to see the main application window when my system boots, but checking the "hide" checkbox for the application in "Login items" has no effect.

I know there is an "Automatically Hide Monitor Window" but this isn't the behavior I'm looking for (I like to leave that option unchecked). Is there a way to hide the application when it is loaded at boot time? Thanks.

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Re: Hiding Simon on Startup

For now, the "Automatically Hide Monitor Window" preference is your best option.

In a future version, I plan to split the scheduling and checking functions from the UI display and configuration functions, at which point you won't have to have Simon running to continue monitoring. That would be ideal for you (and many others). I plan to implement that change in the second half of this year.

Save this AppleScript as an

Save this AppleScript as an application, and make this your startup item. Remove Simon as a startup item.

The script launchs the app, waits 2 seconds, then tries to make the app Hidden.

It should get you in the right direction. Change "iTunes" to "Simon"

tell application "iTunes"
end tell

delay 2

tell application "System Events"
repeat until visible of application process "iTunes" is false
set visible of application process "iTunes" to false
end repeat
end try
end tell

Re: Save this AppleScript

Thanks for the tip -- I'll give it a try!