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RSS feed read more link points to wrong url!

I've set up a report using the RSS template and have configured it to save detailed pages. I set it up to upload to a server at the address However, the "Read More" links in the RSS feed point to the Bonjour-friendly name of the host machine, which is fmserver8adv.local. As a result when I click read more I get a 404 error returned by our DNS servers.

Is there anyway to customize the url used by Simon?

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Re: RSS feed read more link points to wrong url!

Yes, certainly; you can edit the report templates to be however you wish.

The relevant line of the summary.rss template file is:


You probably don't need to change that, though. {OutputLocation} is the URL where the report is saved or uploaded. So if you edit the report settings to use feed:// as the Public URL, it should output correctly.