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When I use the Paragraph tag, it separates paragraphs after every comma

When I use the Paragraph tag, it creates a new paragraph after every comma. Help! I've tried in both plain text files and Word, with the same result.


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Re: When I use the Paragraph tag...

I guess that is kinda an oversight on that one. It is looking for list delimiters, and repeating the tags. But I agree it shouldn't treat commas as list delimiters for paragraphs.

You can prevent this by removing the [Repeat] and [/Repeat] tags from the operation template, via the BlogAssist Preferences. But I'll make a note to fix this.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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Comma in Paragraphs

Just a note to let everyone know that I've just fixed this for version 2.2.1. The comma has been removed as a delimiter, and bullet (•) and vertical bar (|) were added as alternatives, in addition to return, linefeed and tab.