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Lost my checks list view...

On the main Statistics display, I resized the bottom panel to extend all the way to the top, effectively hiding the list of tests... but now I can't show the test list again, it's stuck... I can't drag the separator back down to show it again.

Any suggestions besides blowing my prefs? I have a good list of tests set up and would hate to lose that...


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Re: Lost my checks list view...

If you change to the Changes, Failures or Notifications pages, you'll be able to drag the box above the scrollbar downwards to display the tests.

You can also choose the View > Hide Logs command. You'll then be able to drag the splitter upwards from the bottom of the window to re-show the logs at a better size.

By the way, throwing away your preferences file (com.dejal.simon2.plist) won't erase the tests; they are stored separately. But there are lots of preferences that would be reset to defaults, so I recommend doing one of the above solutions.


Thanks, David... dragging down on the other views didn't work, but hiding the logs and dragging up from the bottom did. All better now. Thanks for your help!