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Repeating Notification Logic?

Hey folks,
For some reason I can't figure out the logic of repeating notifications.

I simply want Simon to notify me by email every 3 minutes if a page is changed or failed.

But for whatever reason I set up the item to monitor a page, then I rename the page so the page does not exist and get one change notice then nothing there after.

Am I missing something obvious?


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Re: Repeating Notification Logic?

Notifiers don't currently support repeating notifications. It will notify only when a change, failure or recovery occurs (as specified in the test). It'll only notify you repeatedly if the test keeps changing or failing, and you don't have the option to not notify if already done so enabled.

Repeating notifications is a good idea, though. Someone had previously suggested a similar idea, for playing a sound repeatedly until Simon is brought to the front, so such a concept could be useful for you, too. I've added your vote, and will consider it for a future version.