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Introducing Simon 5!

Simon version 5 is now available. It is a massive update, introducing a much-requested feature: syncing the Simon data between multiple Macs, plus a Simon Status service, a Link Checker filter, improved Find filter, iMessage and Speak Error notifiers, a new app icon, and much more.

Important: please note that Simon 5 requires a minimum of macOS 10.12 (Sierra), and is a paid upgrade from Simon 4. Purchasers since September 1, 2020 automatically get a version 5 license (that also works in previous versions).

Read the Simon What's New page for details.

SMS plug-in in 2.5

Hi, I've just downloaded 2.5 and dropped it into the Applications folder replacing the old version.

It starts up and runs with all our old tasks with no problem

We had previously written our own SMS script using Clickatell. We called it SMS and it appears as such on the notifiers list.

Two things, where do I find the new SMS notifier? I can't find it listed, is it maybe conflicting with our own notifier of the same name? The plug-ins folder is empty in ~/Library/Application Support/Dejal/Simon/Plugins

Secondly if I rename our SMS notifier (to avoid confusion with your included one) will I have to go into each task that calls it and update that task or does the name change for the notifier automatically change in any task calling it?

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Re: SMS plug-in in 2.5

The new SMS notifier doesn't appear automatically, as it wouldn't work without configuration. You can create a new notifier and choose SMS as the notifier kind, then choose Clickatell or Email as the method.

So you don't even have to rename your existing notifier if you don't want to — just call the new one something different.

But if you do want to rename it, don't worry — the new name will be used in tests that use it. Simon identifies notifiers and other data by an internal ID, so the display name can be freely changed without breaking linkages.

I hope you find the new SMS notifier plug-in a useful addition!

Thanks once again, this is

Thanks once again, this is what I love about Dejal/Simon, whatever question you ask, no matter what your set up, the answer is always 'don't worry' :-)

Named two things the same? - don't worry. Want to change some setting you have set all over the place? - don't worry.

It clearly shows you have thought stuff through before releasing it.

If only all software and support was like this.

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Re: Thanks once again

Aww... that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)

Thanks; I really enjoy reading satisfied comments like that. It makes my day.

Simon certainly isn't perfect, and has some areas I'm keen to improve, but I strive to make each version that little bit better.

Actually, one area I plan to improve in version 2.6 is a result of your post: I want to add the ability to have incomplete notifiers, so you can easily see what is available, and have Simon prompt you to fill in the required information when you first select such a notifier. I've actually been thinking about implementing that for quite a while, but with the addition of field validation in version 2.5, it becomes much more feasible.