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bug in select all?

simon seems much improved since the last time I tried it, thanks for all the hard work. I look forward to even more improvements and "wishlist" items in the future.

I've noticed that in the simon monitor window, if I have lots of tests running (like 45 or so), and I select all of the tests (because, say, I want to pause all the tests), the monitor window becomes very slow/unresponsive and the Simon process starts hitting around 100%. also it seems like the tests stop running and the "next check" column values start incrementing, like "0 seconds elapsed, 1 second elapsed, etc". simon is running on 10.5.6 Server. known issue?

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Re: bug in select all?

I don't recall hearing of such an issue before. Just having tests selected shouldn't have a performance impact.

One possible reason could be that it is combining all of the log data for display, though it does that when no tests are selected too, so shouldn't be a factor (unless you normally keep one test selected).