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Feature request: change details

It would be really helpful for me to be able to see the details of the changes in a watched web page. Right now I can only maximize the Simon window and see one big line.

If you could show the "before" and "after" it would be even better. :)

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Re: Feature request: change details

In Leopard, you can point to a line to see the full text of the column in a column expansion box.

You can also select one or more lines and copy them to the clipboard, then paste into TextEdit or elsewhere to see the full content.

You can compare before and after by looking at two lines.

However, I am thinking about adding an option of double-clicking a line to show more detail, perhaps in a separate window or sheet.

Copy for changes would do

Copy for changes would do for now, but a "before-and-after" comparison on a double click would be fantastic!