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Simon preventing computer shutdown

I've had a few instances lately where Simon prevented the shutdown of the computer (manual and programmed). I believe it may have been related to the harddisk monitor (my drive got 90% full).

How can I troubleshoot this?

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Re: Simon preventing computer shutdown

Is it preventing shutdown due to Simon becoming unresponsive, or is it displaying a quit confirmation that is unanswered?

If it's unresponsive, that would suggest that it is getting stuck doing something, so a "sample" when Simon is unresponsive might help indicate the cause.  Please do the following:

1. Open Activity Monitor;
2. Click on Simon;
3. Click Sample Process;
4. Click Save... and save to a file;
5. Send me the file.

Another useful thing is to look for errors in the console log:

1. Launch Console (in /Applications/Utilities);
2. Type "simon" in the Filter toolbar field;
3. Copy all remaining lines and paste in a reply.