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false failures

I have a bunch of ping test setup for about 15 mac servers. we are migrating over from our old, outdated software to Simon. Simon notifies me that a ping test failed when our other software doesn't. The servers are all up and running fine.

The ping settings are:

send 5 packets
failure if:
average more than 1000 ms
packet loss over 0%

viewing the failures, it shows:
"20% ping packet loss (limit 0%)"

first of all, i don't believe that we're getting a 20% packet loss on nearly every server almost once every couple days. should i bump the "notify if failure over..." percent up to 30% or could there be an underlying issue?


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Re: false failures

You can use the Preview feature to see what the Ping results are — the Ping service just calls the standard unix ping command, so it can be trusted.

Packet loss does happen, and isn't a huge deal, if sporadic. So yes, you might want to bump up the percentage.

bumped up to 25%. thanks

bumped up to 25%. thanks for your help!