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Reporting functionality

apparently i don't understand how Reporting works because it's not working for me based on how i have it configured.

In the Reports window, i created a report called "Mac Servers". set to Save Locally at:
viewing this directory via the Finder doesn't show an index.html file in this location. there is a file.

i have a test configured for a server and it is configured to use the above report. there is a file here, for this test, that works if opened manually.

i have a bunch of other servers configured to use this same "Mac Servers" report. from the Reports window, if i click on "view report", nothing happens. if i click on "Preview", a window opens with the error, "file doesn't exist". if i click on "Report Now", all of the files update so that part is working.

I guess I expect there to be an index.html file in the /Mac_Servers/ folder that contains an overview of all of the test configured to use "Mac Servers". this report would contain links to the individual index.html files for each single test.

am i misunderstanding the functionality here?

hopefully what i'm trying to explain is clear...

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Re: Reporting functionality

Sounds like you're using the Embedded report template. It outputs a file that is intended to be loaded via PHP into another page.

If you want a standalone report, use a different template, like the Stylish one.

awesome! that fixed it.

awesome! that fixed it. that explains why the path was "file://" instead of "file:///", which confused me.