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update to Simon 2.5.3

how to do please ?

the DL link go to ""

but the file inside is an 2.5.2

also it could be nice to remove the number of failures on the menu icon when we do "Mark all read" like in a email app.

thank's for your help

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Re: update to Simon 2.5.3

Try downloading again. There was a problem with the initial upload, but it was quickly fixed. Perhaps you downloaded an earlier edition?

The number on the Dock icon indicates the number of tests with the most important status (failed, changed, or recovered, in that order). You can disable it entirely if you prefer, via the preferences. I'm not sure it'd make sense to remove the number when marking as viewed, though... but I welcome discussion on the idea.

i didn't understand i have

i didn't understand i have re-dled

on Command + i have : 2.5.2
on about box : Version 2.5.2 (2048)
check for update said : "Vous utilisez Simon version 2.5.2. La version 2.5.3 est désormais disponible.
so .... there is a probleme

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Fixed now

Sorry about that. It appears that I hadn't updated the French and German localizations properly. It is now fixed; try downloading again.

now it's ok Version 2.5.3

now it's ok

Version 2.5.3 (2049) on about box