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Use MMS instead of SMS for better AT&T text notifications

[This is for those that use iPhones on AT&T and use Simon to send text alerts via email. This is a re-post; I put it in a reply in the SMS topic, but I thought I'd un-bury it out here in the main forum because it does make text notifications work a heckuva lot better on AT&T iPhones]

Since AT&T finally debuted MMS on the iPhone, you can use a quirk of the way that AT&T does MMS vs SMS for better notifications.

The biggest benefit is that instead of the useless serial-numbered SMS messages, you get the actual "From" email address displayed.

Another huge benefit on the iPhone is that instead of separate iChat-style "conversations" for each message, they are all grouped into one Conversation for each "From" email address.

To send texts via MMS instead of SMS, just use "mms" instead of "txt" to send to the phone, i.e. <yourcellnumber>