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{TestStatusPhrase} somewhat misleading

This is a bit nit-picky, more grammatical than anything else, but it has bugged me for awhile so I thought I'd bring it up.

I use {TestStatusPhrase} in my notification emails, but it always says "just" as a prefix, as in "just failed" or "just recovered". While that's accurate for the first notification or so, it quickly starts to make no sense when it's an hour later.

I'd like to see "just" changed to "has", or perhaps eliminated altogether. Or if you want to get fancy, on the first failure it would say "just", but after that, it would say "has". Same thing with "recovered".


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Re: {TestStatusPhrase} somewhat misleading

It would be accurate for the first hour, at least for changes and recoveries, while the status is a bright green or orange triangle (if you're using the time-sensitive icons). After that, it'd use the hour status. But yes, it could be less accurate for long-term failures, since there is only one failure status.

A reasonable suggestion; I'll add that to the list to consider for 2.6.