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FR: no breaks when another app is in full-screen

It would be nice if Time Out would recognize when another app (DVD Player, Skype, etc.) was in full-screen mode and then not take breaks. Or, perhaps this could be optionally enabled.

I find that I forget to disable Time Out before starting to watch a DVD, so 10 minutes in I need to pause and disable Time Out. Then I forget to reenable Time Out when I'm finished watching the DVD.


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Re: FR: no breaks when another app is in full-screen

Yes, that is on the planned feature list for Time Out 2.

It's hard to reliably auto-detect fullscreen usage, as there are several ways applications can achieve it. So my current plan is to have a preference pane where you can list applications to exclude Time Out. When one of those apps (e.g. DVD Player) is active, Time Out would skip breaks.

That seems like it would

That seems like it would work fine, thanks.

Another thing that full-screen apps normally do is disable the screensaver. Is there a way to detect that?


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There are various ways of

There are various ways of doing that, too. If the screensaver is disabled by avoiding it becoming idle, that could be detected.

When I get to implementing this feature I will re-investigate the current state of play... perhaps Snow Leopard will make it easier to have a unified fullscreen detection. Otherwise, the preference pane will be a reasonable solution. It would be useful for other situations, too, like not wanting breaks while playing a non-fullscreen game, perhaps (not necessarily a good idea, of course!).